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Innovative in a workplace

Chalkboard reading: Think outside of the box

 Innovative in a Workplace  When you think of innovation, what comes up? According to How to Jump-Start Your Innovation: 8 Ways to Be More Innovative article, it states that each of us can be more innovative. Contrary to popular opinion, it can be learned, encouraged and even incented. A recent University of California, San Diego study demonstrated … Continue reading Innovative in a workplace

Positive Attitude: Your Most Valuable Asset!

Having a positive attitude is always a choice

When the word attitude is mentioned, many different reactions, feelings, and thoughts may come to mind. This is because the word attitude may represent different things to different people. However, we can all agree that displaying a positive attitude is one of the soft skills that can either propel or stall your professional career. According … Continue reading Positive Attitude: Your Most Valuable Asset!

What Does Your Resume Say About You?

how can brillance be captured in one page resume

What is a Resume? A resume is a carefully written concise summary, containing relevant information on your education, experience, and knowledge areas.  First, you will want to choose a template that works for you.  At St. Petersburg College, we have Optimal Resume as a tool to help our student’s.  In Optimal resume, you will find … Continue reading What Does Your Resume Say About You?