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Learn about the college’s diverse and culturally stimulating arts and entertainment programs.

Art, Humanities and Design

Get information about the college’s different business programs that provide real world experience.


Helping students identify career paths and discover employment opportunities.

Careers & Internships

Explore opportunities to engage and serve our community.

Civic Engagement

Your source of information on all things college.

College 101 blog

Keep up with programs that provide skills necessary in today’s information-driven society.


Learn what it takes to answer the calling to become a teacher and excel in the education field.


Explore SPC’s engineering technology program, a path to careers in this growing job market.

Engineering, Manufacturing and Building Arts

Learn about SPC health sciences, nursing and veterinary nursing programs.

Health Sciences and Veterinary Technology

Providing students, faculty and staff opportunities on how to become globally engaged.


Get updates about tutoring, online resources, our libraries and more.

Learning Resources

Read about programs that prepare students for careers as public policy leaders.

Public Safety, Public Policy and Legal Studies

Explore and analyze the world through SPC’s science and math programs.

Science and Mathematics

Focus on understanding social behavior in society and helping others improve their quality of life.

Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

Read about the state-of-the-art facilities and classes that prepare students for a technology career.


Serving all education needs and providing information about scholarships, job expos and more.

Veterans Services

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