Relaxed Interns Ready for Classrooms

teacher assists student at whiteboard

St. Petersburg College’s College of Education interns recently celebrated their graduation, and although the celebration was virtual, excitement, anticipation and curiosity were in the air! Sherri Kent-Roberts, Liaison for the Office of School Partnerships, Francine Fuentes, Administrative Services Specialist, and Margaret Bowman, Sr. Academic Program Director, welcomed our amazing interns about to embark on their … Continue reading Relaxed Interns Ready for Classrooms

Career Seminar Offers Possibilities

woman in brown blazer stands before a classroom, arms crossed

SPC students are sought by many school districts for teaching positions because they are some of the best, and their passion is infectious. As St. Petersburg College’s College of Education interns approach graduation in May, opportunities abound as our students seek employment in the field they love: Teaching. Recently, Interns from SPC’s College of Education attended … Continue reading Career Seminar Offers Possibilities

Kappa Delta Pi Holds Induction Celebration

close up of masks with kappa delta Pi logo

St. Petersburg College Alpha Beta Zeta chapter members of the Kappa Delta Pi honor society recently celebrated their induction in a true fashion of safety, with a drive-by initiation at SPC’s Clearwater Campus. Grandparents, parents and KDP members’ children shared their joy with the rom the College of Education students. A total of 14 new … Continue reading Kappa Delta Pi Holds Induction Celebration

Student Returns to Classroom for Early Childhood Education degree

An apple sitting on top of books.

Not every college student chooses a traditional route for their education. Some opt to enjoy a gap year working or traveling after high school, while others return to the classroom well after they have established careers or families. Debbie Orifici is one such student. She adopted a “better late than never” attitude when it came … Continue reading Student Returns to Classroom for Early Childhood Education degree