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Scholarships Make a Difference

The Juvenile Welfare Board provides scholarships to students in the Early Childhood AS degree program and to B.S. Ed Studies Preschool degree students who work in a licensed professional Early Childhood setting in Pinellas County.  The upcoming scholarship due date is JUNE 21st. The Impact of a Scholarship Scholarships help to lessen the impact of rising … Continue reading Scholarships Make a Difference

ELITE Educators Graduate

The students with Dr. Grego are from left to right:  Amber Hillhouse; Angelica Bethany; Jacqueline Davidson and Michelle Feo.  St. Petersburg College (SPC) College of Education, and Pinellas County School (PCS) officials, gathered at the administration office on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 to congratulate recent ELITE Educator Elementary Education graduates.  Dr. Michael Grego, Superintendent, started … Continue reading ELITE Educators Graduate

Remembering Dr. Bruce Brodney, Inspiring Educator

Dr. Bruce Brodney

When Kie Kemper was earning her bachelor’s degree in education at SPC, she took a class on how to teach math to elementary school students. Her instructor, Dr. Bruce Brodney, kept referring to the “gazinta symbol”. Kemper said she and the entire class were stumped, and couldn’t answer when he asked if anyone knew what … Continue reading Remembering Dr. Bruce Brodney, Inspiring Educator

Opportunities – Teaching or Leadership Career in Your Future?

Considering different career options, looking for opportunities to add to what you have and trying to figure out if teaching is right for you?  Interested in non-teaching leadership positions?  Learn how to transfer your associate’s degree to our bachelor’s degree in Education or ask questions about a variety of Education programs. Have pizza, win some prizes … Continue reading Opportunities – Teaching or Leadership Career in Your Future?

Education Community OPPORTUNITY AND FUN

OPPORTUNITY FOR Community, Fun, & Service:   INTERESTED STUDENTS (potential and current), COLLEGE OF ED STAFF, SPC Staff, COE STUDENTS, SFEA, and KDP STUDENTS What? Education Community Walk- Step to Success When? November 30th          9:30 AM-11:30 AM Where? Clearwater Campus in the Quad ETHICS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE BUILDING (ES) / MEET … Continue reading Education Community OPPORTUNITY AND FUN

Alternate Route, Passion to Teach

Are you eligible to take an alternate route and become a teacher in a 3 semester program? Do you have a passion for education? Meet Dr. Poulin on Wednesday, November 7th at 5:30, and see if this is your future. Educator Prep Institutes are designed for baccalaureate degree holders to become certified teachers.  If you have … Continue reading Alternate Route, Passion to Teach

Elite Educator Partnership

Be Elite. Be More. Teach. Be an Elite Educator.  Knowledge fuels a teacher’s passion.  Becoming more is what keeps teachers motivated.  Teachers can impact the learning environment in many ways, including the physical, psychological and instructional setting.  Educating children is a rewarding and tough job. “I wanted to help students think for themselves.” “Being a child’s advocate and … Continue reading Elite Educator Partnership

Natural Selection – Education and the Peace Corps

Education and the Peace Corps were the natural selections for the next part of Natalie’s journey. Natalie Part II As the AmeriCorps experience ended, Natalie enrolled in the Elementary Education program at SPC. She struggled through each semester, changing jobs each time her school schedule changed. Countless nights, Natalie questioned how she was going to afford beans and … Continue reading Natural Selection – Education and the Peace Corps

Elementary Education – Natalie’s Career Choice

Part I of Natalie’s Elementary Education Journey This is a story about a revelation leading to Natalie’s elementary education  journey and how she decided this was the career for her.  Natalie El Amrani is a 24 year old Elementary Education student at St. Petersburg College. She entered her final internship in August 2018, and will … Continue reading Elementary Education – Natalie’s Career Choice