Relaxed Interns Ready for Classrooms

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St. Petersburg College’s College of Education interns recently celebrated their graduation, and although the celebration was virtual, excitement, anticipation and curiosity were in the air!

Sherri Kent-Roberts, Liaison for the Office of School Partnerships, Francine Fuentes, Administrative Services Specialist, and Margaret Bowman, Sr. Academic Program Director, welcomed our amazing interns about to embark on their teaching journeys. Pam Wilkins, Sr. Academic Program Coordinator, presented information on requirements for graduation.

Self Care Is Important for Educators

As educators, it is critical that selfcare is practiced regularly, so Sara Sabourin, Career Outreach Specialist in Career Services, provided an outstanding interactive session titled, “Relaxing in the Workplace,” where we learned about tapping, stretching and positive reinforcement. Her demeanor and soft presence brought forth an excellent source of calm for our students about to lead their own classrooms. We also learned about breathing techniques that can help rid toxins from the body, decrease fatigue, improve sleep, calm the nervous system and reduce stress. These are all very important to staying healthy and alert on a career path and life in general.  Breathing regularly seems like we would all be aware of this, but we become so busy and often stressed, we need to stop and think about it.  

Best of Luck to Graduates

Congratulations to the College of Education Spring class of 2021!  It has been our pleasure to watch you grow and experiment with your teaching abilities. We know you will certainly have empathy, compassion and kindness for all of your students, regardless of where they are in their education! The profession of teaching is responsible for educating every profession.  You will touch and unfold all lives in the most memorable way.  Each teacher contributes to the success of others. We have learned from each of you.  Continue asking questions, be curious and spontaneous, and most of all, TEACH ON!

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