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Inside the Internship Experience

Ariel Desousa’s story

Hello, fellow Titans! My name is Ariel Desousa, and I would like to share insight into the most impactful aspect of my educational journey, which was my internship at St. Petersburg College. Within a few weeks, I will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Studies & Community Leadership. I hope to bring useful information to help you with your own internship experience at SPC.

My internship experience

Ariel Desousa, SPC Intern

I completed my internship at St. Petersburg College’s Tarpon Springs Campus, and it was an unforgettable experience. The opportunity presented itself in the newly built Career Hub, located in the Bilirakis Building. The building was coated with fresh paint and faces, as well as new ideas, which allowed my creative innovation to flourish. I was provided my own desk at the entrance, making me the first point of contact to assist students.

While my expertise did not lie in this area, I was met with great assistance from Career Services leaders, Aundra Williams and Carissa Roldan. They both pushed me to exceed my own expectations, and I immediately felt welcomed and a part of their team. They nurtured my professional development and ensured it remained of the highest importance. Most importantly, they allowed me the freedom to explore and share my ideas regarding my contribution to the department.  

What’s in it for me?

During my internship, I was able to develop meaningful relationships with those within my desired field. Networking is an essential part of securing a lifelong career. Highlights of my internship include using my creative and artistic abilities. I created different flyers and documents for events. In addition, I assisted in preparing for a large-scale Career Expo which gave me experience outside of my normal scope.

Seeking an internship at SPC?

If you’re seeking an internship with SPC, it is important to remember that you will be working with other educators and staff members who have experience in your field of study, therefore, I am sharing the four things I learned while interning at St. Petersburg College.

  • In education development, your ideas and input matters.
  • Seeking feedback is optimal.
  • Be an active part of your workplace culture and environment.
  • Build positive rapport with your supervisors and coworkers.

Overall, my internship experience did wonders in building my confidence as a professional leader that feels comfortable giving back to the educational community by sharing my experiences and earned knowledge.

Find an internship today!

Now that you’ve been given some insight into SPC’s great internship opportunities, please review our FAQ Section in order to fully grasp the complete internship process.

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