Job Fair Etiquette and Preparation

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Making the Most out of a Job Fair

The Purpose

Have you ever stopped to consider the true purpose of a Job Fair? Some believe it is simply an opportunity to submit your resume to various employers in person. However, the true objective and reason for attending is to find viable employment through networking. Job Fairs are essentially one of the greatest opportunities to network with hiring employers. This includes the chance to speak with industry leaders about your field of choice. 

Job Fair Etiquette

Remember, the moment you walk into the Fair, you are being observed. Appear professionally dressed, confident, and prepared. Professional attire is required; however, choose comfortable and lightweight clothing to avoid overheating after long periods of walking and standing.

As you approach employers, be prepared to introduce yourself and, if asked, provide your 30-second commercial or elevator pitch. An elevator pitch also answers the prompt, “Tell Me About Yourself.” You should have prepared a few sentences describing yourself, your work history, and your intentions regarding employment with their organization. Remember to share professional information only!

Before, During, & After Job Fair Tips

  • Before
    • Prepare/bring plenty of your resumes.
    • Research companies in attendance.
    • Match the recruiter with mask wearing.
    • Be prepared for an interview on the spot.
    • Stay hydrated! Bring a small bottle of water.
    • Review your LinkedIn or other online profiles for accuracy and consistency.
  • During
    • Remember, you only get one shot to make a great first impression but a lasting impression is just as important.
    • Look approachable, engaged, and do not forget to smile.
    • Check your appearance prior to introducing yourself.
    • Shake hands (when/if possible)
      • Be aware, some individuals may still not be comfortable with hand shakes.
    • Maintain eye contact.
    • Speak clearly with a pleasant tone.
    • Retrieve a business card from each employer.
    • Do not overly monopolize a recruiter’s time.
    • Do not overfill your hands with goodies.
    • Always speak with the recruiter before taking any goodies from their table.
  • After
    • Send out thank you cards immediately that contain some reminders of your previous conversation.
    • Address any critiques you received in regards to your portfolio.
    • If encouraged, reach out to recruiters you met using LinkedIn.

Upcoming Job Fair at the SPC Downtown Campus

St. Petersburg Downtown Job Fair
Wednesday, June 23rd 1-6PM

St. Petersburg College’s Downtown Campus is hosting a Job Fair on Wednesday, June 23rd from 1PM – 6PM. The event will take place on the 2nd floor of the Campus located at 244 2nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

Register NOW to view a full list of participating employers.

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