Certificate programs: Reasons why it can benefit you

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Most of the time people will gain opportunities and experience through employment. But then there are other people who would take the chance to go back to school to challenge themselves or gain knowledge in learning a specific skill set. Certificate programs can help fill the gaps in your knowledge or experience that are keeping you from reaching your career goals. There are many benefits in earning a certificate at any point in your life, whether it is your first choice before earning a higher education degree, or a post-graduate decision, or a continuing education opportunity.

These are the times when you can benefit from a certificate program:

  • If you need a career boost – whether it is to transition to a new career or advance in your career. A certificate program can give you an opportunity to develop expertise within your current career or in a new field you hope to enter.
  • If you need to refresh on a specific knowledge. Reconfirming what you already practice or received a degree in and continuing education within a certification program can keep you up-to-date.

St. Petersburg College offers certificate programs of all sorts to support your career and/or educational growth. An amazing perk in taking courses towards a certificate is that you be able to apply credits towards an associate, bachelor’s or even master’s program within that academic area. An additional bonus: it can save you money and time too. SPC also offers short-term training to boost your career skills through our Workforce Institute. Working towards a certification demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and continued learning.

There are support resources at St. Petersburg College that will help you to earn a certificate:

PITCH – for African American men, ages 18-24, who live in St. Petersburg, FL can earn a certificate in arts, technology, social and human services, public safety, or business that will help you get a job.

St. Pete Works –Ultimate goal is to help more community workers train for and secure new and higher paying jobs.

Make sure to connect with a Career and Academic Advisor to get registered for the second 8-week summer term session or the fall semester.

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