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Essential Skills for the Virtual World

Different virtual skills

As remote employment continues to rise in many industries like, healthcare, teaching, customer support, and more, the entire world discovered that there are essential skills needed to succeed working virtually. Besides being able to work in the comfort of your own home, there are few skills you need, whether as a student or an employee, to be successful working at home.

Strong Communication

I think we all can agree that our work productivity has increased as we experience more emails, virtual meetings, and calls than normal. It is now important to excel in your writing skills to make sure you are conveying your message clearly and concisely. Remote workers whether in management co-workers and/or colleagues are relying on communication complete projects and tasks. A helpful tip to improve your communication skills is by using the 7Cs of communication. The 7Cs are: clear, correct, complete, concrete, concise, consideration, and courteous. The 7Cs has a checklist to make sure that all forms of communication are clear and succinct.

Time Management

When working from home, you just have yourself to stay on track with your workload and meeting deadlines. It is very vital for you to maintain time management, not only for work but for all aspect of your life. They’re different ways to find what type of time management works best for you. But the overall reason to excel in your time management skill is to find flexible methods and systems to get the job done. Some tips to help with your time management skills are: Use a wall calendar or day planner to list your upcoming tasks, have a goal setting, gain coping skills, and making decision-making to name a few.

Technical Knowledge

In the virtual world it is a given that having technical knowledge is needed. Living in today’s century, technology is all around us and a lot of business wouldn’t exist without it. Learning and knowing the right tools and software will help make many projects and tasks easy. Having technical knowledge shows your employer how well skilled you are in software. Something employers appreciates because it cuts training, time, money, and resources that they would have to invest in if you did not know.


The last but, not least essential skill needed is collaboration. Virtually, you only have the internet to communicate with your co-workers, colleagues, and management to complete projects. Because of that, it is important to learn to work with one another efficiently and effectively. Working in your virtual team you gain consistency, reliability, and trust with yourself and your peers. How you collaborate with others shows others what is like to have you as an employee and co-worker.

Working virtually is a complete different world for us all. Now you have a brief understanding on few essential skills needed in the virtual world. Be sure to work with your Career Services Team so you can enhance on the skills you need to succeed in your virtual world.

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