You should have a LinkedIn account

Individual working on a laptop at a desk with a notepad and coffee.

Do you have a LinkedIn account? If not, did you know that LinkedIn is known as one of the most powerful networking platforms? Why is this? LinkedIn allows users to connect with unlimited professionals, seek job opportunities, and market their personal brand. In addition, you can advance in your career by learning specific skills in LinkedIn Learning.

Here are some key reasons as to why you should create an account:

You can connect with companies and professional groups

Many companies have their own LinkedIn pages where you learn about the company’s information, updated news, see who the current employees are, and what jobs are open. As far as professional groups, you can join a community with your LinkedIn account that shares your personal and professional interests. Within the groups, you have the ability to network, gain insight on the trends/updates within the industry, find a mentor, or simply join in on conversations.

You can build and market your brand

Having a LinkedIn account can help you highlight all your professional experiences and showcase your key strengths. Building your brand on LinkedIn is an additional way to make yourself more visible. Not only does this platform allow you to build your brand, but your brand will also gain credibility through the tools within LinkedIn. You can learn more about that in the Power of LinkedIn workshop hosted by SPC Career Services.  

Have access to recruiters and job opportunities

Although there are many job search websites to help you find job opportunities, the LinkedIn job search board is very effective. You can search jobs by position keywords i.e., Assistant, Coordinator, or Manager, followed by location. You can set an alert on your job or keyword interests to receive updates on open positions. If you have a premium account, you can compare yourself with other applicants, review salary, as well as directly communicate with hiring managers and/or recruiters.

There is power in being a part of an effective online networking community that will help you professionally. As a student, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to help you prepare to enter the professional world, transition to a new career path, or build your professional brand/network. So do not wait, create an account today!

If you need any further support or information about LinkedIn, please reach out to a Career Services Team member. Also, make sure to join Career Outreach Specialist Monica Roberts, and Career and Academic Advisor Destinymarie Alicea on Wednesday, April 14 to learn more about The Power of LinkedIn at 11:00am or 6:00pm.