Positive Attitude: Your Most Valuable Asset!

Having a positive attitude is always a choice

When the word attitude is mentioned, many different reactions, feelings, and thoughts may come to mind. This is because the word attitude may represent different things to different people. However, we can all agree that displaying a positive attitude is one of the soft skills that can either propel or stall your professional career.

According to author Charles R. Swindoll, attitude is chosen as he believes, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Attitude is the ticket to success!


Simply put, your attitude is the position you hold or the behaviors that you express towards another person, group of people, a specific place, an object or a subject. Your attitude comes about as the result of the concept, belief or precept that you hold regarding a person, place or thing. The attitudes you take determine the experience and outcome of your relationships with others, a specific environment or place, a particular object or an area of study. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of the attitudes you take, the position you hold and the concepts that you have.


The three main components of an attitude are:

  • What You THINK: Paying attention to what you think means practicing self-observation and listening to your inner voice.
  • What You DO: Attitude can determine your level of success as it heavily influences your actions.
  • What You FEEL: Your emotions can affect how you react which can either be positive or negative.
You pick the attitude you chose to display.


According to wellness coach Elizabeth Scott, MS, Negative self-talk is any inner dialogue you have with yourself that may be limiting your ability to believe in yourself and your own abilities, and to reach your potential. It is any thought that diminishes your ability to make positive changes in your life or your confidence in yourself to do so.”

  • Giving in to negative self-talk can:
    • Limit your thinking
    • Make you seek perfectionism
    • Create feelings of depression
    • Cause relationship challenges


Having a positive attitude will undoubtedly create the best outcome professionally and personally. Nevertheless, it must be worked towards in order to achieve. There are various ways to help in developing a positive attitude including; listening to your internal dialogue and keeping it positive, learning to communicate better, getting back to the basics, helping someone other than yourself, and lastly by finding the humor in life including laughing at yourself. No matter which method works for you as an individual, you’re moving in the right direction just by acknowledging the great importance of having a positive attitude.

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