Smile you’re on camera! Virtual meeting etiquette

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Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuing increase in use of technology, Zoom and other applications have introduced us to virtual meeting.  This technology is a new and modern way to communicate and coordinate with multiple people through virtual video conferencing. With the introduction of these applications in the career world, employers now integrate video conferencing as a part of their daily job duties which include virtual interviews. It is important to understand and know the proper etiquette involved with Zoom, especially when it comes to virtual interviews and video conferencing. Communication has progressed with the use of Zoom and now it is time for you to enhance your skills.

Video Conference Etiquette Tips

Plan and Prepare Your Computer Prior to Conducting Anything Using Video Conferencing

Check your computer and make sure it is Video Conferencing Accessible. Make sure you have a camera, and that your sound and microphone are working properly once the application is installed and opened. A good way to make sure everything is working properly on your end is to set up a mock meeting with yourself so you can view and adjust all your settings prior to any virtual meetings.

Organize Your Time and Prepare and Plan

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When meeting virtually, make note of the time your appointment is, and be sure to check the date and the region to make sure you have the correct settings.  A part of virtual meeting etiquette involves being on time.  Prepare your background as you will have your camera on and everyone in the meeting will see what you are doing and what is behind you.  This includes dressing professionally and maintaining a work-appropriate background.  Make sure things are organized and not distracting to others in the meeting.  Next, plan on arriving five to ten minutes early to your meeting, making sure your camera and microphone are working properly, and there are no connectivity issues. Have a back-up plan in case you lose your internet connection.  Consider having your cell phone ready in case you have any issues.

Camera Etiquette

It is important to remember to conduct yourself in a professional manner when you are on camera. This involves maintaining eye contact with the camera rather than looking at yourself. Keep your focus on the webcam and remember to smile!

Microphone Etiquette

When in a meeting keep an eye on your microphone’s status.  There are times your mic might need to be muted.  Make sure that it is unmuted when you are talking.  Another concept dealing with the microphone involves background noise. Check the background noise level to make sure it is low to none, as it can be distracting and hard to hear you when you are speaking.

Meeting Etiquette

Remember to be present and attentive when in virtual meetings, especially any that require your camera and mic to be turned on, most importantly in an interview. Limit distractions in your environment that could disrupt you or other members in the meeting.  Do not eat or chew gum unless otherwise discussed. Have a glass of water nearby, as it will help with dry mouth from talking. Most importantly remain respectable, do not talk over others, listen and respond professionally, and your video etiquette should be just fine!

This blog article was written by Andrew Joseph, a Student Assistant at the SPC Clearwater Campus.

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