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Application Deadline: December 4, 2021

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Course Dates: May 20 – July 8, 2022
Travel Dates: June 1 – 9, 2022

Study Abroad with SPC in Ireland! The intention of this travel is to provide SPC students with the chance to study political science, literature, and/or humanities while they are immersed within the Irish culture. Through their studies and travel, students will have a unique opportunity as they analyze international relations, make connections between governments, read and study literature, and immerse themselves in the art and culture of Ireland

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Available courses – Students must enroll in at least one course from the list below.  Please talk to an advisor to ensure you have met all college enrollment requirements AND course prerequisites. Once accepted into the program, students will be notified of the Course Number and enrollment dates/deadlines.

Professor: Heather Roberson

Professor: Jennifer Haber

  • HUM 1020– Introduction to Humanities
  • HUM 2233-Western Humanities:Baroque to Contemporary
  • LIT 2120-World Literature II

Lead Faculty contacts 

After you submit the application online, we will review it and an automatic email will be sent to your college email with details of your next steps, including scheduling your interview with the Ireland program lead faculty, Heather Roberson (727)712-5840.

Student Travel Blog – For a taste of what it’s like to study abroad, or to follow our students as they travel, read posts from the SPC Study Abroad blog below.

SPC student gets an European view on U.S. politics in Ireland

Historic landmarks, making new friends, and comparing ideas and opinions during study abroad in Ireland. – Antoinette Barnes, SPC Student, Ireland Program, May 2019 Traveling to Ireland was incredible. I got to see new things, try new dishes and meet lots of great new people. My favorite part of the trip was making friends from all … Continue reading SPC student gets an European view on U.S. politics in Ireland

SPC student explores Irish culture and worldview in Ireland

An encounter with a survivor of “The Troubles” makes a big impact on students during study abroad in Ireland. – Alex Stewart, SPC Student, Ireland Program, May 2019 I’ve always loved learning about people and observing how a culture can shape someone’s worldview. With the help of a Study Abroad scholarship, I was able to go … Continue reading SPC student explores Irish culture and worldview in Ireland

Ireland: My First Study Abroad Program

This has been my first study abroad program and time spent out of the US and has definitely been an interesting and amazing experience. From seeing one of the seven wonders to the world (Giant’s Causeway and Slieve League) to conversing with the different groups of people and locals of Ireland, cannot explain the feeling … Continue reading Ireland: My First Study Abroad Program