Make Magic as an SPC Student with the Disney College Program

disney college program

I was fortunate enough to attend an informational meeting about the Disney College Program. These meetings are held every semester at St. Petersburg College campuses! Don’t miss the next Disney Info Session on January 29 from 12:30 until 2 pm on Clearwater Campus in room LI 209.

Disney College Program: What you need to know

The program gives students who are currently enrolled in an accredited institution, or who have recently graduated college, the chance to work for Mickey at Disney theme parks and resorts. You live, work, play, and breathe Disney. For many of us, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Join me to get the inside scoop on the The Disney College Program.

Attending this meeting taught me a lot about the application process, what happens after acceptance, and what students can expect from this internship. This paid internship was ranked 10th on Forbes “Most Prestigious Internships for fall 2018.

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PRO: Networking

Get ready to meet talented people from all over the world. Networking at Disney is highly encouraged — take advantage of talking with your supervisors, co-workers, and guests about where you hope to be someday.

PRO: Free admission and discounts

If it’s free it’s for me. This perk is so great it might just have you dancing. Besides unlimited entry for yourself, you are also rewarded a number of free passes for family and friends. Oh, and that includes entry to Disney water parks as well.

Can you think of a better day than getting free admission for you and your family to ALL of the Disney parks? I’ll wait. Exactly! This is your chance to show your loved ones the ins and outs at Disney’s different locations. You get to be their personal tour guide through the land of magic.

I am the discount queen so that learn that I could possibly receive up to 40 percent off merchandise and food, well let’s just say my bank account is already applauding.

CON: Hours and pay

As they say, the good comes with the bad and Disney hours are just that. I want to prepare you for the workload before it blindsides you. From what I have heard cast members have complained about their hours. I read multiple complaints on how cast members either received too many hours or not enough.

Being outside in the Florida heat is not what I call a fun time, but hey at least you’ll be swimming in something. Also, spending holidays with my family is important to me. To learn that I must work on these special days is not a plus.

My “I’m boujee on a budget” is oh so real, therefore 10 dollars an hour will be hard to fuel my shopping addiction. But many may argue it’s not about the money, it’s about the end game. The Disney College Program offers students a chance to learn about opportunities within the company.

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