SPC hosts Business Plan and Elevator Pitch Competition

6th Annual Competition SCREENSAVER-2016 Green

SPC is now hosting its 6th Annual Business Plan and Elevator Pitch Competition, which awards over $10,000 in prizes to budding student entrepreneurs each year.

The competition offers an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and sharpen their skills as they prepare for and present in a live “Shark Tank” Like competition.

Students from all campuses and disciplines compete for the cash awards and many have gone on to launch their concepts and entered the business world more prepared for all the challenges in the marketplace. Student success stories are featured in our Mind Your Business Student Showcase display at the Seminole Campus and on the college’s website.

Each finalist that will be presenting on April 21st, 2016 has completed two rounds of judging with eight different panel members. Our judges are successful investors and entrepreneurs, who put our students and their bright ideas to the test.

SPC understands that entrepreneurship is important to students and our economy, and success is only possible through partnership and preparation. The competition offers both to each participant and provides not only a chance to build skills and confidence, and a solid network, it offers cash funds winners can use to get started on their business launch.

Mind Your Business Showcase

Student success stories are featured in our Mind Your Business Student Showcase display at the Seminole Campus.

All awards for the business plan competition have been made possible thanks to the generosity and commitment of our sponsors. Our list of business partners is growing. See our partners and join our sponsors by checking our Career & Entrepreneurship Center website at www.spcollege.edu/cec.

Entrepreneurship Program, Career and Entrepreneurship Center

It’s not only our SPC students who have achieved success and recognition – so too has the Entrepreneurship Program and Career & Entrepreneurship Center at the Seminole Campus – home base for the Entrepreneurship Program at SPC.

The program and its faculty have received awards and recognition for:

  • Business of the Year at SPC Seminole Campus
  • The President’s Award for Supporting Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • SPC Foundation Innovation Grant Awards for “Entrepreneurship Students and Technology on the Go” and partnership with Digital Media Department
  • Silverberg Grant Award for creative program and competition
  • National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship Awards for
    • Innovation in Entrepreneurship Education
    • Emerging Entrepreneurship Programs & Curriculum Development

SPC believes there is a formula for success in entrepreneurship. It includes creative students, quality curriculum and programs, and a caring and supportive community.

Join us April 21st at 6:00PM at the Seminole Campus main building Digitorium for this exciting business plan competition– where great ideas get a chance to shine! Students, faculty, staff and the local community are invited to attend the competition and the reception that follows for a taste of what launching a business is really all about.

This year’s finalists and special awards winners are from Seminole, Gibbs, Clearwater, Downtown, and Tarpons Springs with programs of study ranging from General AA, Health Sciences, and Business AS and BAS levels.

Congratulations to our Finalists and Special Award Winners:

•  Alexander Fisher
•  Felicia Harris
•  Dylan Wahl

•  Steven Berry
•  Kathryn Hamm
•  Lawrence Weglarz

•  Nikole Coonts
•  Bradyn Freeman
•  Jason Scott
•  Lawrence Weglarz

JOIN us on APRIL 21st @ 6PM
See who wins!
RSVP @ http://web.spcollege.edu/survey/19545

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