The Best Way to Prepare for a Job Fair

SPC_LINCS_LinkedInBP_LinkedInBlogPhoto_webCareer and Job Fairs present a great opportunity to directly connect with employers.  During the event, you have the chance to make a great impression in person.  This is especially true and important if your resume does not necessarily stand out from the crowd.

So in order to make the best impression at our upcoming MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLY CHAIN JOB FAIR and to be as effective as possible, you need to get READY and come PREPARED

  • Before you go, make sure you know which employers are attending.
  • Do your research! Visit each company’s website to learn more about their business and their open positions. You need to get a sense if there is a fit between your skills and interests and the employer’s needs.
  • Make “A” and “B” lists of the employers to meet. Depending on the event, you may not have enough time to speak with every employer.  In addition, if you are looking for a number of different job types, you need to know which employers align with that job type so that you can present them with the appropriate resume.
  • Have plenty of copies of your resume with you. You need to prepare more than one version if you are looking for more than one type of job.
  • Prepare your Elevator Pitch (your 20 to 30 sec. commercial) and be prepared to talk about your experiences and skills.
  • Prepare some smart questions in advance. This shows that you are proactive and attentive.
    • Do NOT ask employers about what their company does or any other information that could be easily obtained from their website.
    • Some possible questions may include “What kind of person are you seeking for this position?” and/or “What particular skills do you value most?”
    • Show the employer what you know and don’t hesitate to ask questions about particular news events that featured the company in a very positive light.
  • Dress for success! Conservative is always the best option.

At the Job Fair, remember the following:

  • Watch your manners and mannerisms. Have a good handshake and remember to make eye contact.
  • Be clear in what you are speaking about or trying to convey.
  • Even though a job fair presents a great opportunity to network, it is not a social event. You’re on a mission! Remember, you are being judged on your potential to function in the work environment.
  • If the job fair includes a resource or networking room that includes community, education and professional organizations, please take the opportunity to meet the other organizations! They may point you in the direction you want to go or connect you to additional employers.

At all times, remember that this is your chance to be evaluated on more than just your resume. You have the opportunity to really stand out in ways that are not captured on a resume.  Therefore, interpersonal skills, communication skills and workforce readiness skills are very critical. Many employers evaluate heavily on these skills because they want to hire individuals who are the best fit for their organization and can make a good impression on their customers.

Please keep the above in mind as you prepare for our MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLY CHAIN JOB FAIR, in partnership with Florida TRADE, on March 23 from noon to 3 p.m.

In attendance will be area employers with job openings for entry level, professional, and management positions. The employers include:

  • Valpak
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • GA Foods
  • Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc.
  • Freight Center
  • Lid Works
  • TSE Industries
  • CompuLink
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Leggett & Platt
  • Onicon, Inc.
  • Alumi-Guard
  • Leader Tech
  • Tampa Bay Water

This event is not only FREE, it includes career workshops that will run from 9 a.m. to noon covering topics such as:

  • Resume Tips and Critiques
    • 9 – 10 AM
  • Acing the Interview
    • 10 – 11 AM
  • Networking 101
    • 11 AM – 12 PM

Again, join us on March 23rd from noon to 3 p.m.

SPC EpiCenter
13805 58th St. N
Clearwater, FL 33760

How to Participate

This job fair is open to the public as well as employers who might be looking to hire someone in the manufacturing and supply chain management field.

For more information about this exciting opportunity, contact Marta Przyborowski at 727-341-7973 or email her at Pre-registration for job seekers can be accomplished at

For more detail about our supply chain program in general, check out our SPC LINCS webpage. What you don’t know may be exactly what you are looking for in a career.

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