Pet Food Drive held by Ethics In Action Club

SPC Veterinary Technology student holding cat

At the final Ethics in Action meeting for the fall semester, we discussed what projects we wanted to accomplish for the spring semester. We wanted to do something that would not only benefit the college’s students, but the community as well, so we came to the unanimous decision to do a pet food drive. We also wanted to collect supplies, in hopes that this effort would benefit the Vet Tech program at SPC and Pinellas County Animals Services.

I thought that this was a great idea because I feel that just like a government has an obligation to its citizens, a community has a responsibility to its pets.

Our drive began in the middle of February and ended April 1. I am very happy to say that we fulfilled our duty! The drive was a success because of the work of our members and the overwhelming response from students and faculty. We even got a donation of 169 bags of cat food from a member of the community. We delivered the cat food to Pinellas Animal Services where they use the food to feed the pets, but they also give a bag of food to the adoptive pet parent. When I went into the office I saw a girl who was adopting a cat. I spoke with a worker who said they would meet me outside. I saw that same girl outside who had adopted the cat, and she told me that her other cat was stolen and that was why she was adopting. I then decided after seeing that she had no cat food with her to give her four bags out of the back of the truck. Both she and the folks at Pinellas County Animal Services were very appreciative and thankful.

On Friday, April 21, we delivered the supplies. Our first stop was Pinellas County Animal Service, and there we met with Doug, the manager. Doug was very appreciative and thankful for our efforts– so much so that he posted our group picture on their Facebook page thanking us. We took a tour of the facilities – which are enormous and very well taken care of.

Huge thanks to SPC for our gifts! We are so lucky to have friends like these!

Posted by Pinellas County Animal Services on Friday, April 21, 2017


We then went next door to SPC Vet Tech College to meet with Dean Flora, then took group photos with the supplies. Dean Flora introduced us to Jessica; she would be giving us a tour. Jessica was a fountain of knowledge; she showed us where it all happens, even the fake arms for students to practice drawing blood. We also got to see the rabbits, cats, birds, rats, an old man hamster and a dragon. I can speak for all of us in the club – including Dr. Miller – when I say that this pet food drive was a great experience for us that we enjoyed immensely, and because of this, we will have this drive every spring.


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