Shopping on the Tiber River in Italy

Tiber River

As one would think the shopping in Italy was exquisite; one of my favorite locations for shopping was on the Tiber River. Every summer during the summer time, little white tents are set up all along the Tiber River where food, clothing, other vendors sell their goods. Each of the tents was unique and individual in comparison to the touristy shops which were located throughout Rome. One women handmade a design of a little girl cartoon on different clothing items which was absolutely adorable. Other places included unique pieces of clothing to Rome and other odds and ends. Personally, I was able to find some flowy shirts that were handmade in Italy for my sister and I, which were two of the most beautiful things I found on the Tiber.

However, the coolest thing about the tents were the pop up restaurants that sprouted on the side of the river. Each restaurant had its own theme and decorations while seemingly coming out of nowhere! It was insane to see so many completely made up restaurants that would soon be taken down and then set up the next year to come.

On the other hand, one of the most surprising things I saw on the Tiber was the amount of garbage scattered along the side of it. I would have assumed that because Rome is a tourist city the amount of garbage would be slim to none. Instead, there was more garbage on the side of the rivers than what I would see some of the beaches near my house. The amount of graffiti on the walls lining the Tiber also was shocking to me because it somewhat reminded me of NYC!

Funny, in a lot of ways Rome is kind of the NYC of Italy!

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