Exploring almost every form of art imaginable while in Italy


It is almost impossible to pick just a few favorite art pieces from the country of Italy. While on my trip, I’ve seen almost every form of artwork imaginable! From sculpture, to mosaic, to painting, each piece of art had and individual purpose to offer Italy.

My first chosen art piece involves many sculptures which compose the Bridge of Angels. The Bridge of Angels originally was meant to link the castle and old Rome to the new Rome. After this, the Bridge became a piece of art work commissioned by Pope Clement IX. Pope Clement IX then hired Bernini who completed two of the angels which do not remain on the bridge. The point of bridge was to depict the passion of Jesus Christ within each of the statues. Each of the angels carries one of the elements of the crucifixion to walk each individual through the sacrifice of Christ. The angel in the picture shown is carrying the crown of thorns which Jesus wore as the Romans tortured him. Other angels held the sponge, the cross, and the crown of thorns (one of Bernini’s two sculptures). The reason this was one of my favorite sculptures is because it juxtaposes the beauty within the horror of the crucifixion of Jesus. It basically points out the heavenly and righteous meaning behind the dreadful and lowly deed that had to be done.

My second chosen art piece was the Sistine chapel, more specifically the ceiling itself. The ceiling of the Sistine chapel beautifully outlines the story of creation using vivid imagery. At the beginning of the ceiling is a picture of Jonah exiting the belly of the whale which is one of the greatest old testament stories. Following this are three images of God creating the universe and everything in it. The next three images illustrate God’s relationship with humans and how it became corrupted when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden. The last three images involve the all powerful flood and Noah’s sacrifice after the flood. It also manages to sneak in a final image of Noah’s mistake which I personally love because it makes a biblical figure humanized. The ceiling ends with Zachariah one of the most renowned minor prophets of the bible. Personally, I love the initial images of the creation story because they are depicted in a way that is easy to understand yet allows room for contemplation. I also love the famous image of God creating Adam which is the two hands almost touching because it shows the intent of God creating each person in his image.

Beautiful works of art fill the cities of Italy and these were just a few.

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