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Study abroad in IndiaNOTE: Program complete.
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Travel: May 13-21, 2019
Course: May 3-June 7, 2019

Discover what makes India a cultural and religious force. Get your feet wet by visiting the stunning Jama Masjid Mosque, the TajMahal, the Bahá’í Lotus temple, and the Raj Ghat, memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. Experience the awesome ingenuity of generations past, the city bazaars full of colorful cultural displays, and enticing smells that have been a staple in the central economic Indian marketplaces since ancient times. See your textbook come to life as you study religions as they are lived in India, the birthplace of Buddha, and a house of worship for the great religions of the world.

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Available courses – Students must enroll in at least one course from the list below. If desired, students may enroll in one course per professor, for a total of 6 credits. Note: Please talk to an advisor to ensure you have met all college enrollment requirements AND course prerequisites.

Professor: Steven Sinclair

  • REL 2000 Introduction to Religion – 3 credits

  • REL 2300 World Religion – 3 credits

Professor: Michael Jahosky

  • HUM 1020 Introduction to Humanities – 3 credits

Lead faculty contacts
After you submit the application online, we will review your application and e-mail you with details of scheduling your interview with the India trip lead faculty, Steven Sinclair, 727-398-8494.

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SPC student challenged and delighted in India


Architectural and cultural splendors contrast with the bustling realities of the street during study abroad in India. – Lanz Lendof, SPC Student, India Program, May 2019 India is a life-changing experience! Truly a spiritual country with amazing architecture. I was lucky enough to visit this humble, beautiful country this summer and spend every waking day visiting … Continue reading SPC student challenged and delighted in India

It’s June! Join the Center for International Programs at Upcoming Events!


You don’t have to get on a plane to experience diverse cultures. They are all around us! Don’t wait and join us in upcoming international opportunities at SPC. The SPC Center for International Programs offers a variety of free events you can attend to enhance your global view. Here’s the list of upcoming international opportunities … Continue reading It’s June! Join the Center for International Programs at Upcoming Events!

Center for International Programs Lunch & Learn: ASIA

Lunch & Learn

On Thursday, April 19 and Tuesday, April 24, the SPC Center for International Programs hosted an amazing Lunch & Learn event, which focused on the culture of Asia. Some Asian inspired light snacks and drinks were offered to the students who attended the lunch & learn event. Miss Angela Cole, International Student Representative, presented at … Continue reading Center for International Programs Lunch & Learn: ASIA

Tips from the India 2016 Study Abroad group

Don’t take a hair dryer (you can request to borrow from the hotel)… also don’t take flat irons for your hair! Be sure your suitcase is around 35 pounds (not 50) in case you need to fly within India. Bring patience, openness, flexibility, strong legs and lungs, a desire to learn, and generous spirit. Spend … Continue reading Tips from the India 2016 Study Abroad group