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Registration Deadline: April 16, 2021

Summer 2021 term

Co-op Work Experience

Course Dates: May 17-  July 13, 2021

Virtual Study Abroad in Greece with SPC! This program focuses on a cross-cultural study of Greece and the City of Tarpon Springs. This course will involve spending a lot of our time in the City of Tarpon Springs and using platforms like Zoom to connect virtually with institutions and speakers in Greece. Students will also have the opportunity to experience virtual reality walking tours of different sites of Greece through our VR headsets, as well as having a cultural meal, cultural excursion, and much more!

Available courses –Students must enroll in the course listed below. Please talk to an advisor to ensure you have met all college enrollment requirements AND course prerequisites. Once accepted into the program, students will be notified of the Course Number and enrollment dates/deadlines.

Professor: David Liebert

  • SYG 2949 – Co-op Work Experience – 3 credits

After you reserve your spot, an automatic email will be sent to your college email with details of your next steps.

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SPC Student Shares How Her Dreams Became Reality While Studying in Greece


“Traveling the world has always been one of my biggest dreams, but I had no clue how this dream would become a reality one day. Ever since I was twelve years old, I had listed my 5 top countries to visit which are: Greece, France, Spain, Israel and Italy. I honestly never thought that I … Continue reading SPC Student Shares How Her Dreams Became Reality While Studying in Greece