The College of Education IS Proud of Our Emerging Teachers!

emerging teachers

Pinellas County Schools’ Emerging Teacher of the Year program brings recognition to exemplary teachers in their second or third years of teaching who have demonstrated excellence through representation of the district’s core values. From the Outstanding Emerging Teachers serving in the Pinellas County Schools, two will be selected as the Emerging Teachers of the Year: One elementary teacher and one secondary teacher.

This year, three St. Petersburg College College of Education Elementary Education alumni are among the list of Outstanding Emerging Teachers:

Amber Hillhouse-Williamson

Amber Hillhouse

“I am a fourth grade teacher at Southern Oak Elementary. My experience in the Elite Educators Program at SPC set me up for success and gave me great experience. I’m so thankful for the opportunity. It’s a wonderful program at a wonderful school. “

Kayla McGee Batdorf

“I am so grateful for my education from SPC. It has definitely been a crucial foundation for where I am as an emerging teacher today! Each of the professors and advisors from SPC have taught me important pieces that I have been able to directly apply to my job, and it has truly made all the difference with where I am today. Some of the most important things that I have learned are to make sure the kids are my “why”, celebrate the small victories, and take it one step at a time.”

Meyghan Berne Rhiannon

“My experience at SPC was a huge part of the teacher I have become today. It was perfect having professors who were passionate about helping teachers become the best they can be. Seeing their passion for teaching helped my love for teaching blossom. The professors at SPC provided me with useful tips and advice, and they came in handy being a first-year teacher in November. I felt confident and ready going into the classroom, even leaving my internship early. The time spent at SPC will never be forgotten because I have developed important and meaningful friendships, a wealth of knowledge for my career, and a support network. I feel fortunate to have chosen SPC for my teaching degree.  Thank you very much for everything!”

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  1. The three graduates above are a fine example of the type of students enrolled at SPC. We are proud to work with the future educators and prepare them for teaching.

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