Minority Teacher Education Scholarship Supports Teachers


Sherri Kent-Roberts, Dr. Linda Hogan, and Dr. Meg Delgato at FFMT Conference in Orlando
Sherri Kent-Roberts, Dr. Linda Hogans, and Dr. Meg Delgato at FFMT Conference in Orlando

Minority Teacher Education Scholarship supports our future teachers.  College of Education Academic Program Coordinator, Sherri Kent-Roberts and COE faculty, Dr. Meg Delgato, attended the Florida Fund Minority Teachers (FFMT) Board of Directors Meeting in Orlando in June.  The Primary Contact for the FFMT scholarships at SPC is Sherri.  SPC COE staff were joined by Dr. Linda Hogans, retired Executive Director of Retention Services.  This was an opportunity for networking with other institutions, sharing issues and possible solutions.

The Mission of the Florida Fund Minority Teachers, is “to increase the diversity of effective teachers in Florida schools by providing scholarship and professional development.”  There are currently 200 scholars from participating institutions in the state of Florida.

FFMT’s primary task supporting teachers:
  • Utilizing Florida’s community colleges as a source
  • Raise awareness of demographics
  • Train future teachers

The FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification Examinations) General Knowledge test assesses a prospective teacher’s reading, writing, language, and math skills. A common issue discussed is the fact that students are finding it difficult to pass the GK to gain entry into Colleges of Education. This contributes to a teacher shortage in Florida.

The Florida Fund Minority Teachers, Inc. (FFMT) emerged in 1996 to counteract the trends related to minorities entering the teacher profession in Florida. FFMT biannually awards the Minority Teacher Education Scholarship (MTES) to minority students wishing to become teachers in Florida’s public school system.

Emphasizing the Financial Awards:
  • The annual amount of the MTES is $4,000.
  • Disbursed in $2,000 increments during the fall and spring semesters only.


Finally, the deadline to apply for the scholarship for fall 2018 is July 1st.
For more information, please go to ffmt.org or contact
Sherri Kent-Roberts at 727-341-4659 /  email

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