Cultural Collections Arrive Fall 2018

College of Education Cultural Collections for a muticultural experience
College of Education Cultural Collections Coming this Fall

The Cultural Collections will be a working assemblage where faculty and COE students can continually add ideas, lessons, and activities to share.  The College of Education recently used funds from a grant for the Elementary Education program to purchase artifacts such as multicultural books, lesson plans, activities, games, music, and more.  Themed collections will be organized this summer.   Students will have the opportunity to use the collections in class.  Thereby learning includes how to make content relevant to diverse learners. Another skilled practiced will be integrating multicultural resources into any grade level or content area curriculum.

College of Education students can continually add ideas, lessons, and activities to share as this will be a working compilation.  Represented through the books and items are grades K-12.  Another focus of the collections is to provide activities involving family engagement.  Including multicultural families in classroom learning increases a student’s likelihood of success.

Developing cultural competence in classroom teachers is critical for student and teacher success.  Culturally competent teachers are better equipped to help diverse students build on their own prior knowledge and scaffold new information.  Multicultural education and culturally responsive teaching falls in the constructivist approach to learning.    Constructivism taps into and triggers the student’s innate curiosity about the world and how things work with a teacher’s guidance.

Cultural Collections Coming this Fall
Jennifer Fernandez, College of Education professor
Jennifer Fernandez, College of Education professor

Current COE students will have the benefits of  the materials in the classroom during practicums and final internship.  We will consider for the future expanding the program to include former students, who will be able to borrow the collections for use in their own classrooms.

According to the Florida Department of Education, there are more than 265,000 English learners in Florida.  Working with English learners and students from diverse cultures is a privilege.  It also entails its own distinctive set of challenges.  Breaking down barriers to cultural competence and creating new perspectives for our preservice teachers is the intent of the COE Cultural Collection.

Keep an eye out for the collection this fall!

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