Rosenwald Screening at Gibbs Campus

Please see the attached flyer regarding an excellent civic learning opportunity for our students. It is in celebration of Black History Month.

Come see the movie Rosenwald this Sunday (2.17) at the Gibbs Campus at 330pm.

The film tells the remarkable story of a Jewish partnership with African American communities. It is a compelling tale of how Julius Rosenwald, president of Sears Roebuck, and Booker T. Washington built more than 5,500 schools for poor, rural black students in southern states.

One thought on “Rosenwald Screening at Gibbs Campus

  1. I would like to thank the SPC faculty for the opportunity to see this film. I believed myself to be well informed about the history and struggles of the African Americans.
    I had never heard of this alliance in all my studies. I had even seen documentaries on Sears Roebuck, however they did not concern J. Rosenwald’s civic engagements.

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