SPC’s Center for Civic Learning & Community Engagement

At SPC, the Community Becomes Your Classroom & Service to Others Connects you with Real World Experience. CCLCE provides experiences that empower students to make an impact. You won’t just find volunteer opportunities. You’ll connect with experiences that empower you personally and professionally.

What is the Center?

The Center for Civic Learning and Community Engagement (CCLCE) works to provide meaningful opportunities in civic life so that you make a difference in your community while you learn and master new skills.  We accomplish this through service learning, volunteer service, civic education and campus student engagement.

The Center offers a variety of opportunities for  St. Petersburg College’s diverse student body. Through SPC’s structured, service-learning curriculum you’ll get a better understanding of the connection between your coursework and its application to real-world situations. We provide a comprehensive education that provides you with hands-on experience while fine-tuning your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to help you stand out in the job market after graduation.

How can the Center help you?

SPC strives to encourage students to be an informed, thoughtful and engaged global resident. By attending school board meetings, county commission, city council or other proceedings, you’ll gain insight into local government operations.  On campus, the CCLCE helps to foster student engagement through involvement in SGA and other club-sponsored activities. We also partner with the Center for International Studies to provide international service-learning opportunities helping others not only at home but abroad.

• Service Learning – SPC’s structured learning experience combines organized community service with specific objectives to enrich the student experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. The real world becomes your classroom and you learn the connection between your academic coursework and the services you’ll provide in your field. You’ll get hands-on experience while building professional relationships with potential post-graduation employers.

• Volunteer Service – CCLCE can connect you with local, non-profit organizations looking for volunteers who wish to provide community service for a specific cause or work with others in the community to solve a problem. You can make a lasting impact on the life of a child through mentorship or tutoring, or assist with a short-term project, such as building a house for Habitat for Humanity. Whatever your interest, the CCLCE can help you make a difference as part of a class or during your non-classroom hours independent of a class or student club.

• Civic Education – Attending city council meetings, legislative hearings or seminars on pubic policy issues are all important ways to increase your civic health. The CCLCE will keep you updated on local and national opportunities to stay informed.

• Campus Student Engagement – CCLCE helps you interact with campus life through a variety of scheduled on and off campus activities that encourage a conscious commitment to an invigorated democratic spirit. Community engagement activities foster your knowledge and sense of responsibility for your individual roles in a democratic society. We believe individuals who are knowledgable and actively engaged in the political process are the foundation of social progress.  Join one of the established SPC clubs, serve on student government, or just share your unique gifts and talents with the entire campus community. Being involved on campus will help you make the most of your SPC experience and foster long-term relationships with your fellow students and professors.

Contact us

Visit us online at blog.spcollege.edu/civic-engagement to learn more. Or contact us by email at cclce@spcollege.edu.