Offering a Helping Hand

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Kristy Mizzi is a full-time student finishing up her associate degree, and hopes to get into SPC’s Nursing program when she’s done and become a registered nurse, which would feed her love of helping people.

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Mizzi began her relationship with community service while volunteering at a nursing home during her high school years. She later volunteered at a local elementary school, and when her American Government professor required students to complete four hours of community service, she enjoyed it so much that she still volunteers once a week.

Once a school aide for children with special needs, Mizzi now volunteers in a first-grade classroom, offering help to the teacher and one-on-one time with struggling students, teaching reading and writing skills. She has banked over 50 hours of volunteer work since September 2018.

“SPC made community service part of my education by teaching me the impact each individual can make on others by just offering a helping hand,” she said.   

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