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Seeking a certificate or associate’s degree? This roadtrip could be for you!

Jobs that don’t need a four-year degree make up almost half the economy–and Roadtrip Nation plans to explore them! Go on a FREE road trip to find out how learning skills and trades can put you in control of your future.

Roadtrip Nation is an organization that sponsors ‘road trips’ for students to travel and interview people who love what they do, hear stories about their career path, and ask how they figured it all out.

A Roadtrip is being planned for students who are seeking careers after specific skill training, a certificate or two year degree, rather that pursuing a traditional four year degree.

They are seeking interested students between the age of 18 and 32.

The RV hits the road November 26th through December 22nd. If you’re ready to get skilled, apply below and you could be on board!

This is for a TV show, so you’ll be filmed and the footage may be shared on public television and other video platforms.

Individuals who are chosen will help plan the trip, researching and booking interviews alongside Roadtrip Nation.

All travel expenses, plus a daily stipend for food, are paid for by Roadtrip Nation.

The trip is being planned for this December. If this is something you would be interested in, please apply! The deadline is August 14th and information can be found at

There is a FAQ page at

Please contact Sandy DeCarlo if you do apply. We would love to follow your journey should you be chosen!

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