SPC professors ignite awareness to social media risk

social media risk articleSt. Petersburg College business professors Dr. Rina S. Coronel, Dr. Thomas W. Philippe and Dr. Marilyn D. Schultz were published recently for collaboration on an article titled Managing the Effects of Social Media in Organizations.

Published recently in the Advanced Management Journal by the Society for Advancement of Management (SAM), the article highlighted the development of strategic policies to effectively manage the possible risk of social media.

Social Media Marketing in academics

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Social media risk in business management

In the article, the authors bring awareness to the risk of social media in organizations as it relates to the reputation of the employee or employer.  With the global accessibility of social media, organizations are utilizing this tool to pre-screen and maintain knowledge of their employees.  Some of the risks include:

  • Possible disciplinary action and termination of employees
  • Liability from third parties
  • Possible legal action
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