SPC grad finds success in Hospitality and Tourism career

Viola Toussaint, a graduate of St. Petersburg College’s Business’ Hospitality and Tourism Management program, credits SPC with helping her find success in her hospitality and tourism career. Watch Viola Toussaint’s success story.

Pursing her passion for hospitality

Toussaint always had a passion for hospitality and found that SPC could help her  find success locally in a hospitality and tourism career. Being located in one of Florida’s prime tourist locations, graduates of the Hospitality and Tourism Management program will find many opportunities for internships and jobs in this dynamic industry.

In Toussaint’s case, it was the flexibility of the program that worked in her favor to complete her degree.

“It’s flexible and it works with your work schedule; most of us do have a full time job and other responsibilities, children and family” said Toussaint.

SPC program equips graduates for workplace success

Furthermore, Toussaint considers that the strength of the program is how it teaches the basic and most necessary information that you will need in the workplace. She explained that “a lot of the topics touch on exactly what I’m working with now…what to do and not to do and how to handle situations.”

SPC’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Program is under the College of Business and offers certificates as well as the A.S. degree which transfers to the Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability Management. Certificates for this program include:

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