SPC business education helps graduate find employment

Jeff Mowry, a St. Petersburg College of business graduate, attributes SPC for his success in the financial services field. Mowry works as a financial data analyst at Universal Financial Consultants (UFC). SPC’s creative business education gave Mowry an advantage over his original approach as a data analyst. “St. Pete College has helped me become successful in my field,” said Mowry. Watch his success story.

SPC business program prepares grads for the real world

With a mixture of creativity and applied experience, SPC’s unique business education approach provides graduates with an advantage in the financial services field.

Mowry is confident that SPC prepared him for the real world and set him apart from other candidates at UFC. For example, the Business Simulation Capstone course was used as a resource during the interview process. Companies like UFC, look for SPC graduates to meet the growing demand in the job market for business professionals.

Business education programs at SPC

St. Petersburg College of Business education programs offer a comprehensive Business Administration Associate of Science degree. Students can earn a certificate in the following sub-plans:

The A.S. in Business degree transfers into SPC’s Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, General Business, International Business, Management and Organizational Leadership and Sustainability Management.

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