Author Ben Montgomery: Fighting Social Injustice

Best-selling author and journalist Ben Montgomery spoke with students at the college’s Clearwater Campus on March 26 as part of SPC Reads, the annual common reading program at St. Petersburg College.

Students who attended this other and SPC Reads events wrote summaries and reviews after listening to authors who took part in the Spring 2018 program featuring local writers.

My name is Krystal Gerges, and I’m the author of this post. I am currently a junior in college working on my bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Ben markets himself with how he speaks and who he talks to. Who else do you know can tango with the law and never miss a beat. However, unlike Ben I want to stay local after college and quite possibly get my master’s degree in Marketing. I want to know my stuff as good as this guy does!

Who is Ben Montgomery?

Ben is a writer, has published two amazing books and is working on a few more. He has won an award for his writing and has told groundbreaking stories in the Tampa Bay Times. He spoke at thsi SPC Reads event about his journey and some of the hard-hitting cases that he solved!

Florida’s Dark History

While he was working as Tampa Bay area journalist, Ben revealed the horrible truth about an all boys school in our very own state. On an excavation that took years! Jumping through every legal and political hoop! He said that these deaths and the unjust events that occurred to these growing boys left them permanently scarred physically and emotionally. He showed us the scars through photos.

Ben tore through graves and policies; he dissected every inch of the truth before publicly publishing this incredibly horrifying truth about Dozier Academy. Digging through 50 plus graves, the investigative team  found the remains of boys that have been long forgotten.

Social Injustice Happens Every Day!

Now, let’s reveal the truth about Ben Montgomery! Ben went to what he referred to as the “Harvard of Arkansas”, which is actually “just Arkansas Tech”.

Ben was just like you and me growing up. He hated reading and definitely hated writing. He thought the task was daunting and too time consuming. It wasn’t until he hit his college years things started to change.He got into Arkansas Tech on a football scholarship. Football is not even related to Social Injustice, reading, or writing. He was actually just studying to be a farmer but his fiance at the time told him she didn’t want to be a farmer’s wife. Happy Wife happy life.

Back to square one. He was sitting in one of his composition classes when the first assignment was a 3000 word paper on anything they wanted. And he took it and ran. However just like a student would, he was nervous to how his teacher would take this? Sure enough it was a hit! So much so to the point he became passionate about it.

He eventually got his job in the spotlight in New York City yet he found himself attracted to the Florida’s dark past. He moved on down to our humble little town of St. Pete. His theme, his passion, became social injustice!

Hey It’s Me!

I went to this event called SPC Reads. This college wide initiative showcases authors and invites all to hear their stories. This year it is focusing on Tampa Bay area authors!

Ben Montgomery’s story and the stories he covered have put a fire under me and inspired my drive in a plethora of ways. If Ben solved cases this big on no leads and fight against all odds, then I can tackle the obstacles in my life and become who I want to be. No fear! And If I could take anything away from this experience, hands down, it would be to chase my dreams,as crazy as they seem. I just need to full steam ahead and tackle them! Ben engaged us with hard-hitting facts. He dug up the truth and all these real life events.

Personally what I want to do with my life relates to this on a myriad of levels. I need to have that same zeal, the same fire and passion inside of me when I speak.

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