SBS Community Week Highlights

We are proud to announce that Community Week for the Social & Behavioral Sciences was very successful! Faculty, students and guest speakers participated in a variety of educational forums.

On Monday, March 26th, students at the Clearwater campus enjoyed a riveting presentation by Ben Montgomery from the Tampa Bay Times. He discussed the importance of the press and investigative reporting in helping to document and correct social injustices. Some examples of his amazing work in this area include his reporting on the human rights abuses that took place at the Dozier/Florida School for Boys as well as an extensive analysis of police shootings in the state of Florida. Tying past and present, Ben explained that racial discrimination is a part of Florida history that must be addressedFinally, Ben discussed the importance of supporting local newspapers, such as the Tampa Bay Times. He chronicled how big corporations have bought out many local papers. In their quest for quick profits for their shareholders, corporations have eviscerated investigate reporting. He worries that this is a threat to democracy. This was part of the 2018 SPC Reads Author Series. Several talented local authors were selected for this prestigious honor.
However, SBSHS was lucky to have a 2nd SPC Reads Author participate. Professor Sheree L. Greer gave a dynamic, engaging and fun presentation at the Gibbs Campus on Wednesday, March 28th. Entitled “Point of View Matters: Just Like Black Lives”, Sheree pushed students to consider views from a variety of marginalized perspectives. As such, she discussed several powerful cases (such as Trayvon Martin) in which the dominant narrative ignored the voices of minority groups. Many more examples can be found in her new book that is entitled “A Return to Arms.” Sheree concluded with a hopeful message about the importance of engaging in activist causes. Whether it is direct action or simply providing a meal to people who are going to a march, no action is too small. Above all, be kind and listen to your fellow man with civility and respect.
Students from the Social & Behavioral Sciences also participated in several forums.  On March 27th, Savannah Strandlof delivered an excellent presentation about the SPC Model UN team to a group of interested students at the Seminole campus.
She discussed her experiences with MUN, the process for applying for the team and the amazing work that students do at domestic and international conferences. At the DT Campus,  Micheal Sporck (another MUN student) also discussed his experiences with the MUN team at the Galapagos Islands. He discussed how this amazing outside the classroom experience has done wonders for his resume.
SBSHS Week concluded with a SBSHS Faculty Interdisciplinary Discussion & Career Conversation on Thursday, March 29th. A variety of panelists engaged in a spirited discussion regarding such issues as race relations, drugs, incarceration, poverty and gun control.  They did so in an interdisciplinary way as we had a variety of disciplines represented. These included Government, Psychology, Criminology, History and SLS. Kudos to faculty members Sara Brzezinski, Bledar Prifti, Boris Damianov, Brian Turnbull and Cynthia Fox. The panel was moderated by Dr. Douglas Rivero, chair of SBSHS at Seminole. Dr. Joseph Smiley, Dean of SBSHS, was also on hand to support the panelists.

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