Games That Teach

More than just fun!

With Rubik’s cubes, Sudoku, bingo and more, students were engaged in a learning event and had so much fun that it was hard to tell! By attending the STEM Bowl event at the Downtown Campus on the 4th of April, 2018, students had the opportunity to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs offered at SPC all while meeting professors who specialize in those areas.

Continuing the hype and flux of academic community events, the Science & Math Career and Advising Community hosted this event at the Downtown campus intent on helping students discover more about the paths available to them in their specific fields of interest.

The Science & Math Career and Academic Community

This specific academic community is dedicated to ensuring that students are provided with the support they need as they move forward. Understanding that students are not always aware of the resources available to them specific to their paths of interest. Events like the STEM Bowl act as a physical reminder to students that they are not alone and that help is literally just one question away.


Scholarship Opp! 

Through the Tampa Bay SEEDS program a National Science Foundation grant is offered to students who are passionately in pursuit of a degree in a STEM related field.  With a GPA of at least 2.5, one may qualify for  a scholarship of up to $6,500 that will last three terms in addition to available internships. It is hoped that by this STEM majors are given a boost on their journey and a steady foundation from which they can safely reach their goals.





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