Trauma Seminar for Public Safety Students and Staff

trauma workshop

On June 27, the Center for Public Safety Innovation (CPSI), a part of St. Petersburg College’s Public Safety community, hosted a free one-hour trauma seminar for students and staff at the college’s EpiCenter in Largo. Denise Hughes Conlon, a licensed mental health counselor, presented the lecture.

The event was an interactive discussion on trauma and victims of crime. The participants discussed how to recognize and address resiliency for victims and survivors suffering from trauma by learning it signs, symptoms and affects, as well as comparing approaches to meet the core needs of individuals adversely reacting to short and long-term trauma. The lecture also addressed how to build good coping skills and develop trauma-informed approaches and interventions to their own procedures in the line of duty. In addition, it discussed the impact of trauma, how to recognize it and find the resources to help those who might be suffering from its symptoms.

The target audience for this trauma seminar were students seeking careers in victim advocacy, social work, case management, psychology, mental health therapy, healthcare, criminal justice and related professions.

This event was attended by 34 students and staff, and was well received.  One student commented, “I am studying to be a psychologist, and this was wonderful.”  

Another stated, “I would love to see the college offer more free learning events like this to students.”  

Staff and faculty expressed a desire to see additional similar trainings, with a staff member stating, “Try to get time at All College Day or our Spring Training for this program.” 

Another remarked, “A lot of our students are dealing with PTSD, anxiety and trauma – good program. Nice to see students and staff in a shared learning experience.”

The College of Public Safety and CPSI will continue to seek opportunities to leverage its resources to bring additional free trainings such as this one to students and staff.

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