Public Policy student’s mission

Photo of Sane Haidara

St. Petersburg College’s Public Policy and Administration student Sane Haidara came to the United States from Timbuktu, Mali with an ambitious goal: improve human rights, including equal rights for men and women, educational opportunities, sanitation, health, and reduce malnutrition in his homeland.

Growing up in this West African nation, Sane has witnessed first-hand starvation, lack of education – especially for girls – and human rights violations and how all these factors impacted quality of life in his community. Now in his final semester in the Public Policy and Administration B. S. degree program, Haidara has chosen to work toward his goals by focusing his final Capstone project on developing a pilot school feeding program in the remote city of Timbuktu, where poverty and food insecurity have significantly impacted school attendance, achievement, and retention. This program would provide breakfast, lunch, and a take home meal to primary school children in the community—which in some cases is their only source of nutrition. It includes coordination on the international, national, state and local levels of government.

Since he began the Public Policy and Administration program in 2014, Haidara has demonstrated leadership qualities and a genuine character that has earned the respect of this program, administration, faculty, and his fellow classmates. According to Public Policy and Administration Instructor in Charge, Professor Jeff Kronschnabl, “To be effective in government service, one should feel the call to service; the need to make a difference. In Sane’s case, he exemplifies those positive traits and is willing to do whatever is necessary to improve the conditions within his country at the risk of his own personal safety. We are proud to have had him as a student in our program. We all have learned something from Sane’s values.”

As he moves on to graduate school, he plans to further develop his Capstone project at a higher level to reach the point of sustainability. We wish Sane the best. He will be sorely missed by the countless lives he has touched here at St. Petersburg College.


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