Law Day 2016 by Kamryn Little

When I was asked to help coordinate St. Petersburg College’s 2016 Law Day Celebration, I did not hesitate; I wanted to be part of this event. When I was told that Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince was going to be our keynote speaker, I was ecstatic. I heard that she was fantastic to listen to but I never thought I would be so enthralled with a speaker. I left the event with goosebumps.

The night began with Professor Charles Rose of Stetson University College of Law. Professor Rose is magnetic when he speaks, he draws listeners in and no one wants him to stop talking. He discussed the importance of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. He said even if the Miranda warning is not expressly written in the Constitution, it is implied by the creators that all people should be free from unnecessary intrusion.

Justice Quince echoed this thought and talked about this year’s Law Day theme: Miranda Rights. She spoke about the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution and she spoke about the importance of students understanding their judiciary system and why it plays such an important role in our country. My favorite part of the night was Justice Quince telling people to be involved in their society and vote. She said she once drove hours to vote in an election after her absentee ballot did not arrive in time. Justice Quince made it clear that there are no excuses for not voting in all elections: local, state, and federal. People in our history worked too hard for us to have the right to vote so why waste it?

Ultimately, I left the event inspired and ready for things to come. Professor Rose will (hopefully) be one of my professors as I navigate through law school and it is wonderful to know I have the opportunity to listen to him again. Justice Quince made me feel as though I have a purpose once I am through law school. She exudes justice. She told me as long as I feel like what I am doing is right, I will be happy and I think that is a perfect take away from such an amazing evening.

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