Make a Splash with the #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge & More

Join Learning Resources #NoPlasticJuly challenge and participate in the ocean themed, aquatic month!

                You probably remember being told as a kid to always “swim with a buddy.”  Now that you are a college student, that buddy is the Learning Resource Center.  As you swim through the semester, the LRC is here to help you stay afloat.  Not only do we offer lifesavers, like FREE tutoring, we also develop themes throughout the semester to help students manage stress and engage with their academic community.  This July, Learning Resources is making a splash by offering aquatic displays and programming across campuses:

Ocean Documentary, Tarpon Campus

The Tarpon Campus will be showing a FREE ocean documentary, with time and date still TBD.  As an SPC student, you also have access to free films through our databases.  Log in to your student account and click on the blue library tile.  Then, click on “Databases A-Z,” and select Films on Demand from the list of choices.  In the search bar, you can type key words like “ocean” or “shark” to find a film about marine life.

No Plastic July Challenge, Clearwater Campus

Join Learning Resources in a #PlasticFreeJuly in honor of July's ocean theme

This summer, the Clearwater Campus challenges you to go plastic free!  Share your ideas on our #PlasticFreeJuly board on the first floor of the LRC, or you can post to our Facebook. Ideas can be as simple as switching to re-usable shopping bags.

Bookmark Bar, Clearwater Campus

Take a minute to unwind and create your own shark bookmark – a sharkmark! The materials are located upstairs at the LRC reserve desk.

Mermazing Book Display, Tarpon Campus

If you need a break from your textbook, check out the curated collection of mermaid horror and aquatic mythology, recommended by Kassie Sherman, Library Services Paraprofessional. 

Research Shark… Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Clearwater Campus

I’m sorry, but we had to do it.  Librarians Heather Holtzman and Paul Vermeren usually help students hunt for research.  This month, they’ve also hunted for the very best aquatic-themed books, and now, you’re safe at last, doo doo doo doo doo doo.  Check out the display, and if you need help hunting for any more information, you’re welcome to schedule a research consultation with any of our librarians. Make sure to check out the libguides, too!

Aquatic Book Display, Clearwater Campus

Visit the first floor to see the Sharkey display, which features a paper mache shark, crafted by Library Services Technicians, Danery Pacheco and Maria Pantoja.  Pacheco and Pantoja are also responsible for creating the beautiful ocean mosaic displayed upstairs in the Clearwater LRC.   

Seems like students at Clearwater are taking #plasticfreejuly pretty seriously!

Posted by St. Petersburg College Libraries & Learning Centers on Friday, July 5, 2019

This article was written by SPC Library and Learning Resources staff Heather Holtzman on July 3rd, 2019.

One thought on “Make a Splash with the #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge & More

  1. Congratulations for doing this project. It is so sad to see that when you walk on the beach, you can see so much trash, and I really believe that should be a fine for those people who trash everything on the beach????. I really like to know how can I help you? When I go for a walk, I usually pick up the stuff that I find on my way, but I cannot do all.
    People are not aware that the trash go into the water, and then the fish and the rest of the animals are the ones getting that damage. Finally, it comes back to us, as we are the ones eating fish. ):

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