SPC Tutor Recycles Discarded Books by Turning Them into Art

Books displayed and created by Lauren, co-founder of Dilly Dally's Custom Book Folding

Lauren Dykes, tutor at SPC’s Downtown Learning Center, has a side talent: book folding! Book folding is a creative process which transforms old books into art through folding and cutting. Lauren is a professional and attributes her discovery of this craft to the LSC where old textbooks, having served their purpose, would be discarded.

A Little About Book Folding, from Lauren

“Besides being a math and writing tutor at the SPC Downtown Learning Center, I am also the artist behind Dilly Dally’s Custom Book Folding. This company is a partnership between my husband and me, created in September of 2016 when Daytime Channel 10 caught sight of one of my books and invited me to do a feature segment on the morning show.

I attribute my discovery of this art form to the LSC.  While cleaning out the cabinets, I came across many old, outdated textbooks. I suddenly felt bad about throwing these books away, yet I had no attachment to them. I wanted to find a way to give these books new life. With a good ole Google search, I discovered book folding. I have always been good with paper crafts in the past. (I have folded 1000 origami cranes. Legend says it brings good luck.) So I gave it a shot. 

Book folding is where each page in a book is altered by folding or cutting into the pages to create unique images, words, or logos. It takes patience, accuracy, precision and time to execute the intricacy of this art form. Needless to say, everyone in my family got a book fold for Christmas that year. I also gifted many books to local establishments like Haslam’s, Artpool, and Banyan.”

A display of books folded through Lauren's business, Dilly Dally's Custom Book Folding.
Lauren showcases her work under her business, Dilly Dally’s Custom Book Folding, inspired by St. Petersburg College.

Interested in Book Folding?

The Dilly Dally’s team participates in St. Pete’s Saturday Morning Markets and currently has an exhibit at Citrus Park Mall at the Pop-up Gallery in Tampa. Any student, staff, faculty, or family interested in learning more about the art of book folding is invited to reach out to Lauren at SPC’s Downtown Learning Center.

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