Interested in Student Research & Lab Experience?

While involved in SPC‘s Biology Program, students are offered an amazing opportunity for student research and research lab experience at our SPC Bay Pines STEM Center

This fantastic opportunity offers burgeoning student real world experience in a working laboratory and in-the-field research experience. This translates into being a more desirable research assistant and graduate student.  The fluid nature of field work and the challenges faced like changing weather, equipment failure, successful teamwork, and on-the-fly solutions to problems that arise give each student working knowledge for future use in a working lab, research facility, or medical field.

Working in a Lab

The physical lab itself functions as a proper research facility which includes new chemical fume hoods, a dry lab, a wet lab, non-slip flooring, chemical safety such as emergency showers and eye wash stations, various marine research equipment for testing salinity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen, and much more.  The facility resides in a beautiful Florida marine environment that transitions from a pine and palmetto hammock to a salt marsh seawall with fiddler crab, shore birds, and even bald eagles!

Additionally, the sea wall opens up on to a salt water basin that is visible from the back of the facility. There are serious discussions being held on how to repair (or replace) an on-site dock for student and professor use in the future.

The utilization of this facility gives our students a competitive advantage in an ever growing scientific and medical workforce.  The Bay Pines STEM Center is just one example of how SPC strives to enable every student to achieve success.

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