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I have been a part of the SPC Library and Learning Resources staff for the last six months and I’m constantly realizing how many people work here that I have yet to meet! As someone who works on two campuses, it can be hard to remember what campus everyone else is from and who tutors in what subject. To make it a little bit easier on everyone to get to know our librarians, tutors, and support staff, I’m happy to introduce our newest libguides:

Banner for Clearwater Learning Resources Staff
Banner for Downtown and Midtown Learning Resources Staff
Banner for St. Pete/Gibbs Learning Resources Staff

These libguides were created by Heather Holtzman of Clearwater Campus, Kari Morrel of the Downtown and Midtown Centers, and Antonia Green of the Clearwater and St.Pete/Gibbs Campuses. They showcase our extraordinary team members!

Nothing can be as intimidating as sitting down with a librarian or a tutor that you know nothing about and telling them what you need help with. The libguides give you a chance to get to know us before you come to us with questions. I invite you to check out these pages and get to know us – we’re here to help you succeed and we’re all nice, unique, and understanding.

Can’t find time to meet?

We understand! We’re here to help, and we’re happy to say St. Petersburg College’s Learning Resources offers online support. Tap into tutoring from the comfort of home or read up on resource assessment and proofing your work in Word during your lunch break.

This article was written by SPC Library and Learning Resources staff Antonia Green on June 11, 2019.

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