Five Unusual eBooks in SPC’s Giant Virtual Collection

There is a time for serious research and scholarly pursuits, and St. Petersburg College has over 70,000 digital ways for every student (and faculty and staff!) to dig deep into everything from particle physics to gene editing. But we shouldn’t forget other noble pursuits like Lady Gaga, UFOs, or an in-depth academic examination of cult cinema. Here are five eBook gems picked from many odd and unusual eBooks that you can peruse for a taste of the weird and unusual.

How could we have a post about the strange and unusual without diving right off the deep end into the paranormal? Jump into this eBook about paranormal investigations and find out more about your local ghosts and poltergeists. Just don’t read this before bed!

If you can think of a topic, you can bet there exists an encyclopedia or dictionary about it. The Prince of Darkness himself? Oh yes, here we have Satanism Today; the encyclopedia. Why is the food we all love so bad for us? Maybe he has something to do with it.

Many of us search for the best pizza or the finest coffee or other endeavors like the best performance of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.  But not author Michael Adams. This intrepid soul ventures out into the wilds of the worst movies ever made and attempts to narrow it down to one. Let the impossible task begin.

Here is another encyclopedia filling a dire need for knowledge. Angels, fairies, hollow-earth inhabitants, and other fantastical creatures that dwell among inter-dimensional spaces are waiting for you to discover. Let’s see if they give the same vigorous research time into Florida’s own Skunk Ape or the St. Pete Mini Lights. Doubtful.

Here we have the first (and most likely only) in-depth academic examination into cult cinema. The audience that watches cult cinema looks to be as intriguing as the subject itself. The cover of the somber-looking fellow sporting the tall white hat surrounded by goats is a strong indication of the seriousness of the subject matter.

As a sixth-place runner up we have a book about the Coen brothers and their off-beat and quirky films. Many Zen practitioners cite the Dude’s journey in the Big Lebowski as an influential, albeit profanity-laced, movie about practicing Zen and being in the moment. But that’s just, like, their opinion, man.

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