The Virtual Library is Open!

Stuck at home and need a book? Do you have to read a specific paper for class? Are there articles and research papers you need access to? St. Petersburg College has vast amounts of resources available from the comfort of your own couch. Our enormous list of online resources is available for every enrolled student and they are waiting for you right now in the virtual library. It’s easy!

Log in to your student account and from the single sign-on page go to our library link and you’re already logged in. You can easily access any of our databases A–Z or search for specific ones.

If you need a book but only want eBook results, simply search for the book you want, let’s say Biology books.  When the results appear just click on the amount available online number and voila, a listing of every eBook we have on almost any subject you can think of. We even have an eBook on Justin Timberlake!

Journal articles and research papers work much the same way.  Search for whatever you need by clicking on the articles tab. Then when the results display, look to the left side and you’ll see an option for “Articles from scholarly publications including peer-reviewed” which, when clicked, will list all the peer-reviewed articles for your particular search.

Many of these results will even have a way to save the references directly to a file or folder of your choice allowing you to collate your reference a bit easier when you begin writing your paper.

Lastly, our databases have a plethora of subjects that SPC subscribes to which will enable you to view everything from art and science to business and nursing. Again, as long as you are logged in through your SPC account, you can click on any database listed and it’ll open right up.

If you aren’t logged in, don’t worry! Our library and learning resource page will ask you for credentials upon viewing the links.  It’s just a tad easier through your account. Either way, we are virtually here to help you with that amazing paper on Justin Timberlake.

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