Embark on a Recipe Safari with SPC

By Heather Holtzman

Are you looking to spice up your virtual learning? Tour the world as we celebrate diversity through food and fun recipes in the new online series, Diversity and Databases. By participating in the activity, you’ll be entered to win prizes!  

Using our Global Road Warrior database, we will travel to different countries exploring the food and culture.  Every Friday, a new recipe will be revealed from the Global Road Warrior database. The posts will include a link to the database, which provides a list of ingredients and step-by-step directions. The posts will also feature cooking demos created by Student Life and the Learning Resources teams.

Try the recipes yourself and join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and experiences. You can share your creation by posting a picture in the comments section of the post. If you’re not ready to cook, you can still participate in the challenge by visiting the Global Road Warrior database to read about the country and post an interesting fact that you learned.  

Share your own attempt at the recipes to earn a passport stamp! We’ll keep track of your stamps for you. Students with the most stamps at end of the series will be entered to win a prize! 

First Stop, South Africa

Our food travels will begin in South Africa with Heather Holtzman, as she recreates her version of butternut squash soup from the Global Road Warrior database. The recipe is versatile, allowing students to choose from the cooking methods and ingredients available to them. Heather’s version is loaded with bacon, garlic, onions, coconut milk, and bone broth—yum! Videos, pictures, and helpful tips are included to make the cooking process simple! 

Don’t forget to check SPC Titans Central on Workplace every Friday for a new recipe reveal. Upcoming locations include China, Bangladesh, France, Mexico, Peru, Russia, and Morocco. What are you waiting for? Chop, chop!

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