Crafting in Quarantine

Take a quick scroll through almost any social media platform and you will see your network’s recent attempts at keeping their calm during a time of great uncertainty. One common activity that has been giving people comfort has been learning various needlecrafts, such as knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch.

As a knitter from before it was cool (I.e., the pre-quarantine days), I find some joy in seeing the same friends take up these crafts that used to tease me for being the “old lady” at our gatherings, as I always tend to bring a small knitting bag everywhere I go.

While working from home, SPC employees have been able to bond across campuses and thanks to those new and strengthening connections, we discovered that there are many crafters hiding in our ranks. Kassie Sherman, Heather Meyer, Nina Mulligan, and I pulled together to create Stitch, Please—an all-inclusive online crafting group. We welcome students, staff, and community members who are using fiber to create and keep our cool.

Our group has been meeting since June and has been a great way to interact with our SPC community. The group facilitators come from several campuses, so it has given us an opportunity to work together and to get to know faculty and students from elsewhere in the college. We have also been able to learn more about each other’s preferred fiber crafts. Kassie from Tarpon has been sewing adorable food items from felt, while Nina and Heather have preferred to crochet. I have alternated between knitting a pair of shorts and spinning wool into yarn. We have even learned a bit about spinning wheels, drop spindles, and nalbinding!

Stitch, Please will continue this Fall and we can be found every Friday at 10:00 a.m. Please visit our LibGuide to learn more about the group or register to attend.

Antonia Green is a Library Services Paraprofessional at St. Petersburg College.

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  1. I joined STITCH, PLEASE last summer and really enjoyed this dedicated hour each week to relax, chat, and get back to working on an afghan that’s been “in process” for a while. Good group, very nice to newcomers. All stitchery crafts welcome. Come try it – this fall on Fridays at 10:00.

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