SPC Library Workshops for Fall

As we head into the Fall semester during this unprecedented time, your St. Petersburg College Libraries and Learning Centers are here to support you!  This fall, librarians are offering over 20 online library workshops via Zoom. These include a wide variety of topics from technology to citations. Visit our Library Workshops & Programs guide to learn more about our offerings and sign up! Please note that your SPC email address will be required for registration.

Some of the topics of our workshops include:

Research Makeovers: Enhance your research skills while learning how beauty has impacted trends, careers, culture, history, and more in these 15-minute workshops. Each video in this 6-part series explores a different beauty topic using the SPC online library. It’s going to be eye-opening and cheeky, and that’s no lip service! Plus, we may reveal a few of our own beauty secrets

Speed Dating with Databases: Are you ready to meet your research match? Attend a 20 minute “speed dating” workshop where you can get to know three eligible databases.

Understanding 5G Wireless Networks There has been a buzz surrounding Fifth Generation (5G) wireless networks for many years; but in 2019, cellular companies finally started widespread deployment. 5G technologies promise to change the way people communicate online with blazingly fast speeds connecting billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which will help shape truly ubiquitous computing in the future. Users will be able to download entire films instantly, stream 4K video games flawlessly with decreased latency, accomplish astronomical computing tasks thanks to split rendering, and much more. In this webinar, learn what a 5G network is and what it is capable of doing, explore 5G standards and see how the technology will impact current IT infrastructure, and understand the issues concerning people’s anxiety regarding its safety.

Extended Realities to Help Enhance Learning

Extended Realities (XR) include Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities, 360-degree imagery, and Spatial Computing.XR has the potential to bring people, places, and experiences closer together than ever before. These immersive technologies can be used in exploration of physical locations, marketing & advertising, healthcare, education, art, gaming, and more. Since XR programming follows rules of gravity, space, and time we will start to see learning become more transformational. In this webinar, understand Immersive Technologies and see how they will impact everything ranging from education to entertainment, learn the differences between virtual, augmented, and mixed realities to introduce Spatial Computing, hear about the tools, devices, and platforms creating these new experiences, and discuss potential issues these technologies may have when used in learning and teaching.

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