SPC Workshop Madness

Now that we are well into the semester don’t forget that we here at SPC have a plethora of workshops, presentations, and on-line discussions that are available to students, faculty, alumni, and the general public. We are working hard to get the word out about every offering we have and there are two ways to see what we have in the oven. From A & P I and II to Math and Science, business, and even sewing and stitching, we have it all. How to recycle a plastic bag? Got it. Statistics and Spanish? Got it. Suicide awareness? Got it. Speed-dating with databases? What does that even mean? Well come on over and find out.

First we have our Learning Resources 2020 link for your one stop shop about all things tutoring as well as our easy to read calendar that lists all of the up coming workshop, events, and sessions with short descriptions of each. These listings are primarily centered around our Library and Learning Resources group however these dates are are also cross-posted on our main SPC page.

A second way to view all of our offerings including those outside the scope of Learning Resources is to visit our SPC Events page. This page includes a broader scope of happenings in other departments and locations. Emotional Intelligence workshops, Early Women’s rights presentations, and the Lunch Series workshops are just a few of the events offered. There are timely events as well such as a presentation on policing and minority communities with Delrish Moss, the former Chief of Police for the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department.

New workshop are added on a routine basis so come back often and check for added dates and events as we move forward.

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