Nursing Program Graduate Shares Thanks


Every student within St. Petersburg College’s College of Nursing has a unique story, perspective and personal goal. Many share their hopes and allow their professors to contribute to applications to graduate programs. One of our biggest thrills has always been sharing in the celebration as their professional dreams continue to come true through further education. 

We’re pleased to share the story, in the form of the following letter, of our ADN and BSN program graduate, Adam Cortez, who is soon to be an exceptional advanced practice nurse and military officer.

Dear Professor Murphy:

I wanted to inform you of some great news. I have been accepted to the University of South Florida’s Family Nurse Practitioner program and will begin my course of study this fall 2019.

On behalf of my family, we thank you for believing in me as both a student and future nurse practitioner. Your letter of recommendation is what provided me with the best possible chance of acceptance. I simply cannot thank you enough, and I am so grateful and humbled.

I am currently in the “completing requirements prior to the first day of class” phase. This entails background checks, drug testing, immunization history, and a few more heavy details related to the school. I will have orientation this coming June, and I am very excited.

After I contacted you earlier on in 2018, I submitted my application on October 14, 2018; my interview occurred on January 31, 2019, and I heard back about my full acceptance to the university on March 8, 2019.

I was made aware by my interviewer, who is also a professor in the program, that many students who work full-time and attend classes full-time – or even part-time – have a higher tendency to fail. With this information in hand, I plan to attend part-time and work part-time to ensure my success within the program. Although this is going to be a very lengthy degree, the professor made a very clear comment to me, which truly opened my eyes: “What are you in a rush for? We are training our students here at the university to be successful and confident primary care providers so that when they enter the community independently, they will be able to provide the best care possible”. I appreciated this information and took it to heart. Slow and steady wins the race.

I am very excited to share this news with you and cannot wait to begin classes this fall. Being away from the classroom for a few months was a strange feeling for me, as I have only ever known school my whole life. Schooling and advanced education have pulled me and my family from the depths of poverty, as well as allowed me to save many lives. I ask that you keep me in your continual prayers as I journey on. I will keep you updated of my progress as I move through the semesters.

My ultimate goal is to complete the FNP-APRN program within the allotted three-year time frame and apply to the United States Air Force, which will allow me to commission as a Captain (O3).

Please send my warmest and deepest regards to All of the BSN faculty: Professor Lee, Professor Watts, Professor Briggs, Professor Louis, Professor Thielman and Professor McGill to name a few off memory. I apologize if I missed any, but know that my sincerest appreciation is with you, as well. My future as a nurse practitioner has been ensured ONLY because the ADN and BSN professors of SPC-Health take great measures to ensure the success of every student they teach through the demonstration of compassion, repetition and sacrifice. Professor Murphy, your instruction, as well as that of your fellow colleagues, has guided me onto a path of confidence and determination as I set out for my goals of one day independently practicing in my own clinic while serving this great nation as an Air Force Officer.

Thank you choosing to be a Professor, I couldn’t have imagined my BSN experience any other way.

God bless, and thank you again,

Adam Cortez, BSN
May 2018 SPC Graduate
2019 University of South Florida FNP Student

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