Health Education Center Holds Inter-professional Event

health education center

On Monday, March 4, 2019, 103 students and 14 faculty members participated in the Inter-professional Education Event at SPC’s Health Education Center.

Now in its third year, student participation in this event has doubled since the first year, which had only 50 students. Various faculty and program directors from the different health disciplines participated in planning the event and served as group facilitators to help guide students in critical thinking.

A big thanks to our Student Government Association, who provided lunches for participants through HEC’s own Nature’s Table. The health education programs that participated in the event included students from Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Therapy, Radiology, Emergency Medical Services, Health Information Technology, Health Services Administration and Nursing. SPC students interacted with others from multiple healthcare disciplines to watch a medical emergency scenario video, and worked together in teams to identify errors and ways to correct and prevent future medical errors. The final group debrief showed that they students learned a lot, enjoyed the activity and hoped for more opportunities on campus for Inter-professionalism events in the future.

One student, Pauline Abrantes-Schuyler from the Health Services Administration program, said,

I attended the Lunch and Learn today – what a great experience for all programs. It would be a great way to bring together all the disciplines to brainstorm, correct and identify positives and negatives in health care experiences. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.

All students felt they learned something new and learned more about each other’s professions through this event. As Dr. Teri Trede put it,

Networking and interdisciplinary engagement are critical to success and are excellent ways to grow skills.”

Thank you to all who participated in this inter-professional event. I know the students benefited from each person’s knowledge and experience.

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