A Nursing Student Lends a Hand in Our Community

Recently, Dr. Louis, the Dean of Nursing at St. Petersburg College received an email regarding a nursing student lending a hand in the community.

  Dear Ms. Louis,

I just received a call from an 89 year old gentleman who had been waiting outside the courthouse with his walker by himself, when a young dark haired woman approached him and asked him if he needed a ride. She helped him into her car, and drove him over to Bay Pines VA hospital, and then made sure he got inside safely. He only knows her first name, Kathrine, goes by Kat, and that she is a nursing student here at SPC. He took the time to search out someone at the college he could praise her to, and he got me. So I’m passing that along. He spent 52 years as medical staff, and shared some stories of his experiences, and was very impressed with the level of student we are preparing for a career in Nursing. So that’s that. Some days it’s great to be the one to answer the phone and get misdirected calls that enrich my day.   

Jessica Sager Accounting Support Technician Business Office St. Petersburg College, St. Pete Gibbs Campus 727-341-4330                                                          

  Kudos to Katherine Wright, Level 1 nursing student!

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